We love the challenge of finding the perfect song for your project. We offer some of the most cutting edge music available. The majority of our tracks are commissioned directly from the hottest independent bands, artists, and producers out there. We spend countless hours discovering the most innovative, forward-thinking and licensable music that we can find. From up-to-the-minute electronic music to the hippest indie bands, you can be sure that the music we offer is of the highest, industry standard quality. Every song in our catalog is pre-cleared and licenses can be granted immediately upon agreement of negotiated terms. Dog Bites Wolf continually strives to be your one stop source for modern music. We love working and look forward to working with you. Send us your creative briefs.


Publishing your music is extremely important. It is a step that many independent artists tend to neglect. Dog Bites Wolf publishes a majority of the music that we offer. This streamlines the licensing process. Not only do we pitch the music that we publish, we also handle the administration. Dog Bites Wolf will not pitch any music that is not published. We like to think that our involvement on the publishing end allows independent artists to continue to be creative without having to handle the paperwork. Bands and artists can then spend their time writing and producing while the publisher is working concurrently to find placements for the music.

Supervising a project can be extremely challenging. Finding exactly the right music, clearing it, and negotiating within the budget of a project can be a difficult task. We’re up for it! Let us go to work for you. Utilizing our vast network of artists, labels, publishers, and composers, your project will deliver the energy and/or emotion you are looking for. Music can make an incredible impact once it is set to picture. We take this responsibility very seriously which is why we do not just aim to meet your expectations, we aim to exceed them!

Are you an independent artist or label looking to have your original music represented? Dog Bites Wolf is always looking for new music to pitch to current and future projects. We are selective with what we will represent in order to keep up the high standard we offer our clients. Please feel free to send us your info/demos, we’d love to hear them. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we can’t respond in detail to every submission. We do make a point to listen to everything we receive, and if we like what we hear, we’ll be in touch. Be sure to include current contact information. Submission information is located under the “CONTACT” tab in the navigation bar.

What is artist development? Good question. We’re pretty sure that each company that offers artist development would answer that question differently. At Dog Bites Wolf we view it as guiding and nurturing young talented artists and bands in each aspect of their career. Utilizing our experience and wisdom in the industry, we offer direction in every area from overall sonic qualities of the music, songwriting and song structure, style and presentation, marketing, and a variety of other services. Many bands, producers, songwriters, or solo artists just need a bit of guidance to take their music, their look, or their performance to the next level. We take a lot of pride in watching aspiring artists evolve.